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  FIBRE.ART.WALES was founded in 1999 with the aim of raising the profile of Welsh
  contemporary fibre art, thus providing opportunities for artists to exhibit widely at home
  and abroad. One of the group's main purposes is to educate and stimulate the public 
  regarding new developments and challenges in the current visual fibre art climate.
  Fibre Art is a fine art expression that uses any flexible, linear material in a traditional
  textile process. It is not a new field, but it is an enduring one. Its roots can be traced 
  back thousands of years to when mankind first discovered knotting techniques.

  Ours is a dynamic, fluid field, which knows no boundaries nor definitions.  
  Acknowledgement of the past, however, gives this field its strength of identity and
  community, from its inception one of the group's strengths has been the diversity 
  of approach and media of its members and this is demonstrated within our website
  linking FIBRE.ART.WALES with the dynamic and diverse world-wide Fibre Movement.  



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